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Home TitleFrank Milner was born in 1928 in the town of Blackburn, Lancashire. Like many of his contemporaries he left school at the age of 14, mainly because his Mother said, ‘We need the money’.

After a few years working in a local tobacconist shop and relaxing as a member of 1262 Squadron Air Training Corps, where he mainly played the drums for the next few years, he duly served the obligatory National Ser vice in the R.A.F. After demobilisation he returned to Blackburn and decided to become an ambulance driver/attendant in the Blackburn Borough Ambulance Service. This period of almost five years was very suited to Frank who by this time was married with two sons - that is until one day in 1954 when he attended a patient awaiting urgent hospitalisation, an encounter that proved to be life changing. From the events of this incident began a long and very productive vocation in the RSPCA where his special talent with animals and people was fully realised.

Almost forty years later having moved through the ranks of the Inspectorate and dealt with all aspects of animal welfare, including being asked to travel to many parts of the world, he was given the title of ‘Chief Trouble Shooter’ for the RSPCA.

Just prior to retirement Frank, holding the rank of Chief Superintendent (Commander of the Inspectorate Special Investigation Department), was invited to become a member of the Council of the Japan Animal Welfare Society’. Sadly, leaving a great legacy in the world of animal wefare, Frank passed away in May 2008 and this web site has been published in his memory.


Frank Milner at his retirementFrank Milner at his retirement in 1991